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Research Classes

I run classes from the Gympie Family History Society rooms at 1 Chapple Street, Gympie QLD 4570

Bookings Essential

Classes:  Classes currently running are:
Monday mornings:
Tuesday evenings:
Wednesday evenings:

Class topics:

  • Family History – how to begin YOUR tree Certificates and how to access them
  • Ancestry and other family tree websites – tips and tricks and costs involved
  • Trove – the wonderful world of Australian newspaper through the NLA
  • Census & Electoral Rolls
  • Deciphering old hand writing
  • Military – do you have a serviceman or woman in your tree
  • Cemetery records – how to find your family members and their final resting places
  • Google and how it can assist your research
  • Brickwalls – discussions on how to perhaps break through them
  • Computer sessions – how to use the programs and searching

COSTS: $25 per person per class
EFT or cash facilities available

Classes – $25 for 2 hours in a group environment

Register via the contact form for information on dates for the next classes.

Currently classes are being offered on:

  • Monday mornings
  • Wednesday afternoons
  • Weekends are available if required

Informal classes:

  • There is currently an informal class at 6pm on Wednesday evenings for 2 hours – this is a time for people to get together and problem solve. All welcome. $25 per person. Discussion and learning about various subjects is also included.
  • Bookings required as occasionally the class is moved to Tuesday evening.

Get a group of 4 together and we can run a series of classes for you.

Topics of classes on offer:

  • Family History Basics: how to begin, how to create charts, how to find certificates and what information you can access.
  • Ancestry.com.au and other websites: Why and how to use a variety of different websites to collate the information you have or find. How to make the most of the little green leaves or similar hints.
  • Trove: Tips and Tricks on how to use this amazing website to find all sorts of information to fill out your family tree.
  • Handwriting: examples and how to read it
  • Military: how to find out if you have a service person in your tree
  • Census and Electoral rolls: where to find them and how to use them

These classes can help you learn some of the best methods of researching your own family. You will discover how to find information, what to look for and how to confirm what may be right or wrong. This may then lead to filling in the spaces in-between the dates that so many of us know.

Private Classes – $15 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

If you prefer, we can meet to do one on one sessions. This is where you learn at your own pace, or select what you want to focus on. We can also work together to research your family if your skills are not very good on the computer.

Payment options:
Cash, EFT or direct deposit

Currently classes and lessons are held at the Gympie Family History Society rooms at 1 Chapple St Gympie.

Bookings are required for all classes on 0419 224 628


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